Me by She

- REVIEW 2016 -

All the shooting sessions have a fun part and I love it.

To add more fun to the sessions, I proposed the models or the MUA to switch the roles so they became the "photographer" and I became the "model"… well… I suppose I should say "I became the model" to be more accurate.

Unfortunately during some shooting sessions I totally forgot to ask the model to take the picture or the role switch could not happen due to the lack of time.

Anyway it as a fun experience, please do not evaluate the model or the photographer, just enjoy them for what they are.

Me by Eloïse

Found my photos of Eloise here and here.

Me by Alina

Found my photos of Alina here.

Me by Anastasia

MUA for Alina shoot.

Me by Anaïs

Found my photos of Anaïs here.

Me by Laury

Found my photos of Laury here.

Me by Laurence

Found my photos of Laurence herehere and here.

Me by Michelle

Found my photos of Michelle herehere and here.

Me by Zoé

MUA of Michelle shoot.

Me by Juliane

Found my photos of Juliane here.

Me by Margot

Found my photos of Margot herehere and here.

Me by Morgane

Found my photos of Morgane here.

Me by Aurela

Found my photos of Aurela herehere and here.

Thanks also at the missing models (click on the name to see the photos) :

For the shoots in 2016 !

Michel - V.